Echoes of the Force

Third Session

Old Ghosts

The party left Veedo Rax under guard while they entered the ruins of Thanagar’s jedi enclave. The recent raids by Veedo’s gang prompted the enclave’s guardian to trigger the structures defense systems which necessitated the activation of the main generator. It’s sudden re-emergence on the power grid seemed to confirm what most of the local populace already believed: that the site was haunted. The heat and sound produced by the generator drew the attention of a gundark who decided to nest within the enclave. While exploring, the party ran into a group of reprogrammed jedi training droids who attacked them and cut down one of their allies. Soon after, they encountered the enclave’s guardian: a shimmering ghost who appeared to be the spirit of the dead jedi knight, Han-Das-Ro. In reality, it was a damaged and deranged droid whose holoshrouded visage was that of the the dead jedi warrior. Believing himself to be the real Han-Das-Ro, he made it his duty to protect the enclave by attacking all trespassers. After defeating the guardian, the group discovered a damaged holocron left behind by the enclave’s founder, the ithorian jedi master Idu Nubon. Through a partial recording they learned what caused the ancient the jedi starship to crash: an attack by a sith battlecruiser. Powering down the generators and driving off the gundark, the party departed.



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