Echoes of the Force

Tenth Session

The Exchange

The party was hired by Zarga the Hutt to perform a ransom exchange for one of the crime lord’s informants, a devaronian named Jaga whom they had briefly met earlier in their adventures. The hutt suspected a betrayal and offered the party a bonus if they could kill the wookiee pirate Chalkazza during the meet. The wookie was waiting for them in an old abandoned tibanna gas refinery floating in orbit around the gas giant Rann. However, when they arrived, the dead stormtrooper bodies suggested that the station hadn’t been as abandoned as previously thought. Bringing along the slicer Luka Zann, they proceeded to meet with the wookiee pirate. Unfortunately, Chalkazza recognized them from an earlier encounter and opened fire on them after shooting the captive. The party fought off the pirates and a couple droids they had patched together while simultaneously treating the wounded informant. However, a clever trap by Chalkazza delayed them enough that the pirate captain was able to escape. Not only that, but the fighting had destabilized the station, causing it to plummet towards the planet below. Luckily, the party had Teemo, Razza, and Voz on standby and the smugglers were able to swoop in for a timely rescue. Fighting off a couple tie fighters on the way out, they escaped and succeeded in returning the information broker.



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