Echoes of the Force

Sixth Session

New Allies

Hitching a ride in Shalla’s freighter, the Tusken Eclipse, the party was brought to the rebel rendezvous point where they learned the freedom fighters were being led by the infamous former pirate, Soreyn Vel, whose recent near-legendary exploits made him something of a folk hero. Though vouched for by Shalla, the party still had to prove itself to Vel’s chief security officer Besk Ral’orok. Luckily, the bothan spymaster had a mission in mind that would not only allow the party to earn a small measure of his trust, but would also bring new recruits to their cause which had suffered devastating losses during the capture of the imperial moff. Ambushing a convoy of trandoshan slavers, the party was one of three strike teams that used the hijacked vessels to infiltrate imperial processing facilities above the planet Kashyyyk and liberate the wookiees captives awaiting transfer to various imperial labor projects. Sadly, the party lost an ally, the Quarren mechanic Rezzik, during the raid. However, they acquired a powerful new ally in the form of a wookiee named Lowarroo who brashly swore a life debt to the droid K-3P0 when she freed him.



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