Echoes of the Force

Seventh Session


The party agreed to speak with a powerful crime lord, Zarga the hutt, and arrange for the sale captured imperial munitions for the credits needed to buy food, fuel, and medical supplies. Contacting the smugglers Teemo, Razza, and Boz, they soon arrived on the asteroid LV-426 where Zarga was overseeing one of his private shadowports. Before they could speak with Zarga, his chief attendant Andura Ven intercepted them. He convinced the party to recapture a gundark had escaped during transport to the battle pits. Following the creature to the refugee levels, they managed to subdue it, but not before [Dave’s character] revealed himself as a force-user to several refugee witnesses. Making a gift of the captured beast to gain Zarga’s favor, the were allowed an audience with the crime lord. In a private discussion, he agreed to help finance Soreyn Vel’s rebellion by purchasing captured imperial goods which he could then sell the black market. There was one catch, however. Zarga’s nephew was newly imprisoned by the empire and the hutt feared he might be reveal some of the crime syndicate’s illicit dealings. The party was tasked with either breaking him out or silencing him so that he would no longer threaten the crime lord’s activities. To ensure there cooperation, the hutt revealed he had learned of [Dave’s character’s] force sensitivity and would make that information known should they refuse the job or fail to complete it.



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