Echoes of the Force

Second Session

Blood and Sand

Led by their nomadic guide, the party was able to sneak into Veedo’s base undetected and get the drop on most of his crew. However, their activities drew the attention of the sarlaac that made it’s home in the bowels of the ship. Fighting it off, they soon discovered Veedo’s recent occupation of the ship was overloading the remaining operational systems and causing a reactor leak. Cutting the power to several systems, namely the self-defense routines, they were able to return the ship to normal operating protocols. Along the way they, they saved a mechanic dying of radiation poisoning and convinced one of the other gang members to join their cause. Approaching Veedo’s personal quarters, they were attacked by a bounty hunter hoping to collect the reward for himself. However, he was quickly dispatched by [Dave’s Character]. The party then proceeded to defeat and capture Veedo Rax.



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