Echoes of the Force

Ninth Session

Prison Break

The party ran into a pack of nexu on their way to check out the mystery building. They were able to fight them off, though they lost one of their prisoner allies. When they arrived at the building, they bypassed the security with the help of a slicer they had rescued. Inside, they found the remaining imperial forces led by a pair of royal guards. Defeating them, they discovered a hidden elevator which brought them to the lowest level of the prison colony. They learned that the royal guards had been standing sentry over the colonies’ most dangerous captive: a zabrak jedi master. Based on his possessions which the party was able to recover, he appeared to be a veteran of the clone wars. Deactivating the stasis chamber proved to be difficult and the jedi nearly perished. Fortunately, they were able to stabilize him and assist him to their ship as he was still suffering from hibernation sickness. Making their escape, they parted ways with some of the former captives, while others like the slicer Luka Zan and the former senator Jorunn Trant, agreed to help in their war against the empire.



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