Echoes of the Force

Fourth Session


Returning to the colonies, the party handed Veedo Rax over to a twi’lek government official. Though they were paid as promised, the sudden departure of the twi’lek and strange behavior of his associates prompted an investigation which led to the discovery of Veedo’s headless corpse. The party quickly made arrangements to get off planet but were ambushed by imperial troops upon entering the docking bay. They prevailed against the stormtroopers with help from a trio of smugglers named Teemo, Razza, and Boz who agreed to drop them off on their next stop: a luxury space cruiser. While gambling and enjoying some drinks in the cantina, some of the party got dragged into a cantina brawl initiated by a rebel agent after a botched information drop. The presence of an imperial moff onboard had heightened security and they were thrown into the brig and questioned. When [Morgan’s character] was discovered to have smuggled a blaster aboard, things were looking grim. Fortunately, Shalla, the rebel agent who had earlier used them to cover her escape now needed their help. Breaking them out, she revealed that one of the passengers on the ship was the imperial moff Raith Kinzer and that she and her rebel friends intended to capture him. However, news of an impending pirate raid meant they needed to act now before any reinforcements could arrive. By the time this was explained, the ship was already under attack.



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