Echoes of the Force

First Session

Heroes for Hire

The party responded to a cry for help on the outer rim planet Thanagar. A bounty had been placed on Veedo Rax, a rodian swoop racer, whose gang was terrorizing the locals. Led by local guide and former seperatist gunrunner, Valin Mors, they pursued members of Veedo’s gang into the desert after fighting off a raiding party. A sandstorm caused them to take cover in a cave nearby where they were attacked by a corellian sandpanther. After killing the beast, they heard tales from their guide about the history of the old jedi enclave nearby and how Veedo’s gang had attempted to plunder it for ancient jedi artifacts to pay off the rodian’s dept to a hutt crime lord. The next morning, they discovered a band of nomads attempting to steal parts from their speeders. Confronting the tribe, they convinced the chief to lead them to the swoop gang’s base which turned out to be an old capital ship that had crashed on the planet long ago.



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