Echoes of the Force

Fifth Session


Separated by a breached mid-level, most of the group found themselves on the upper levels fighting off invading pirates with limited resources. Meanwhile, [Adrik’s character], was on his way to the cargo hold to collect their gear when he ran into Three-Fingered Nik, an alien the party had met earlier on the cruise. They joined forces and, along with a couple of Nik’s hirelings made their way towards the docking bay. They soon ran into imperial moff Raith Kinzer and his elite bodyguards who had been pursuing a devaronian with a stolen datapad when the pirates attacked. The two groups nearly came to blows but managed to work together long enough to drive off the pirates on the lower levels and get to their ships. By this time, the rebels had arrived and the ensuing chaos allowed [Adrik’s character], with the help of Shalla’s astromech droid, to pilot a ship with some extra flight suits to the upper levels and get the rest of the party and their allies inside. Reunited, they countered the pirate’s jamming signal and broadcast a description of the moff’s escape craft to the rebels who swarmed it and captured Raith Kinzer.



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