Echoes of the Force

Eighth Session

Shock and Awe

The party arrived at the Korugar system and took the imperial prison colony by surprise, strafing the barracks with their starship’s laser cannons. Despite this, the planets anti-air defenses nearly destroyed them and they were forced to make an emergency landing. On foot, they began a building to building search of the area. Although they initially encountered minimal resistance, they ran into a wall of opposition within the prison building itself and were nearly defeated. Battered but victorious, they discovered and freed the hutt’s nephew along with several other prisoners who agreed to help them in exchange for their freedom. Searching through the computer records, they stumbled upon an enigma: most of the compounds power was being directed towards a building that wasn’t on any of the blueprints. Further examination led to the mention of a prisoner zero who appeared to be the colony’s first captive. Deciding to investigate, the party began making their way across the compound.



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