Echoes of the Force

Tenth Session
The Exchange

The party was hired by Zarga the Hutt to perform a ransom exchange for one of the crime lord’s informants, a devaronian named Jaga whom they had briefly met earlier in their adventures. The hutt suspected a betrayal and offered the party a bonus if they could kill the wookiee pirate Chalkazza during the meet. The wookie was waiting for them in an old abandoned tibanna gas refinery floating in orbit around the gas giant Rann. However, when they arrived, the dead stormtrooper bodies suggested that the station hadn’t been as abandoned as previously thought. Bringing along the slicer Luka Zann, they proceeded to meet with the wookiee pirate. Unfortunately, Chalkazza recognized them from an earlier encounter and opened fire on them after shooting the captive. The party fought off the pirates and a couple droids they had patched together while simultaneously treating the wounded informant. However, a clever trap by Chalkazza delayed them enough that the pirate captain was able to escape. Not only that, but the fighting had destabilized the station, causing it to plummet towards the planet below. Luckily, the party had Teemo, Razza, and Voz on standby and the smugglers were able to swoop in for a timely rescue. Fighting off a couple tie fighters on the way out, they escaped and succeeded in returning the information broker.

Ninth Session
Prison Break

The party ran into a pack of nexu on their way to check out the mystery building. They were able to fight them off, though they lost one of their prisoner allies. When they arrived at the building, they bypassed the security with the help of a slicer they had rescued. Inside, they found the remaining imperial forces led by a pair of royal guards. Defeating them, they discovered a hidden elevator which brought them to the lowest level of the prison colony. They learned that the royal guards had been standing sentry over the colonies’ most dangerous captive: a zabrak jedi master. Based on his possessions which the party was able to recover, he appeared to be a veteran of the clone wars. Deactivating the stasis chamber proved to be difficult and the jedi nearly perished. Fortunately, they were able to stabilize him and assist him to their ship as he was still suffering from hibernation sickness. Making their escape, they parted ways with some of the former captives, while others like the slicer Luka Zan and the former senator Jorunn Trant, agreed to help in their war against the empire.

Eighth Session
Shock and Awe

The party arrived at the Korugar system and took the imperial prison colony by surprise, strafing the barracks with their starship’s laser cannons. Despite this, the planets anti-air defenses nearly destroyed them and they were forced to make an emergency landing. On foot, they began a building to building search of the area. Although they initially encountered minimal resistance, they ran into a wall of opposition within the prison building itself and were nearly defeated. Battered but victorious, they discovered and freed the hutt’s nephew along with several other prisoners who agreed to help them in exchange for their freedom. Searching through the computer records, they stumbled upon an enigma: most of the compounds power was being directed towards a building that wasn’t on any of the blueprints. Further examination led to the mention of a prisoner zero who appeared to be the colony’s first captive. Deciding to investigate, the party began making their way across the compound.

Seventh Session

The party agreed to speak with a powerful crime lord, Zarga the hutt, and arrange for the sale captured imperial munitions for the credits needed to buy food, fuel, and medical supplies. Contacting the smugglers Teemo, Razza, and Boz, they soon arrived on the asteroid LV-426 where Zarga was overseeing one of his private shadowports. Before they could speak with Zarga, his chief attendant Andura Ven intercepted them. He convinced the party to recapture a gundark had escaped during transport to the battle pits. Following the creature to the refugee levels, they managed to subdue it, but not before [Dave’s character] revealed himself as a force-user to several refugee witnesses. Making a gift of the captured beast to gain Zarga’s favor, the were allowed an audience with the crime lord. In a private discussion, he agreed to help finance Soreyn Vel’s rebellion by purchasing captured imperial goods which he could then sell the black market. There was one catch, however. Zarga’s nephew was newly imprisoned by the empire and the hutt feared he might be reveal some of the crime syndicate’s illicit dealings. The party was tasked with either breaking him out or silencing him so that he would no longer threaten the crime lord’s activities. To ensure there cooperation, the hutt revealed he had learned of [Dave’s character’s] force sensitivity and would make that information known should they refuse the job or fail to complete it.

Sixth Session
New Allies

Hitching a ride in Shalla’s freighter, the Tusken Eclipse, the party was brought to the rebel rendezvous point where they learned the freedom fighters were being led by the infamous former pirate, Soreyn Vel, whose recent near-legendary exploits made him something of a folk hero. Though vouched for by Shalla, the party still had to prove itself to Vel’s chief security officer Besk Ral’orok. Luckily, the bothan spymaster had a mission in mind that would not only allow the party to earn a small measure of his trust, but would also bring new recruits to their cause which had suffered devastating losses during the capture of the imperial moff. Ambushing a convoy of trandoshan slavers, the party was one of three strike teams that used the hijacked vessels to infiltrate imperial processing facilities above the planet Kashyyyk and liberate the wookiees captives awaiting transfer to various imperial labor projects. Sadly, the party lost an ally, the Quarren mechanic Rezzik, during the raid. However, they acquired a powerful new ally in the form of a wookiee named Lowarroo who brashly swore a life debt to the droid K-3P0 when she freed him.

Fifth Session

Separated by a breached mid-level, most of the group found themselves on the upper levels fighting off invading pirates with limited resources. Meanwhile, [Adrik’s character], was on his way to the cargo hold to collect their gear when he ran into Three-Fingered Nik, an alien the party had met earlier on the cruise. They joined forces and, along with a couple of Nik’s hirelings made their way towards the docking bay. They soon ran into imperial moff Raith Kinzer and his elite bodyguards who had been pursuing a devaronian with a stolen datapad when the pirates attacked. The two groups nearly came to blows but managed to work together long enough to drive off the pirates on the lower levels and get to their ships. By this time, the rebels had arrived and the ensuing chaos allowed [Adrik’s character], with the help of Shalla’s astromech droid, to pilot a ship with some extra flight suits to the upper levels and get the rest of the party and their allies inside. Reunited, they countered the pirate’s jamming signal and broadcast a description of the moff’s escape craft to the rebels who swarmed it and captured Raith Kinzer.

Fourth Session

Returning to the colonies, the party handed Veedo Rax over to a twi’lek government official. Though they were paid as promised, the sudden departure of the twi’lek and strange behavior of his associates prompted an investigation which led to the discovery of Veedo’s headless corpse. The party quickly made arrangements to get off planet but were ambushed by imperial troops upon entering the docking bay. They prevailed against the stormtroopers with help from a trio of smugglers named Teemo, Razza, and Boz who agreed to drop them off on their next stop: a luxury space cruiser. While gambling and enjoying some drinks in the cantina, some of the party got dragged into a cantina brawl initiated by a rebel agent after a botched information drop. The presence of an imperial moff onboard had heightened security and they were thrown into the brig and questioned. When [Morgan’s character] was discovered to have smuggled a blaster aboard, things were looking grim. Fortunately, Shalla, the rebel agent who had earlier used them to cover her escape now needed their help. Breaking them out, she revealed that one of the passengers on the ship was the imperial moff Raith Kinzer and that she and her rebel friends intended to capture him. However, news of an impending pirate raid meant they needed to act now before any reinforcements could arrive. By the time this was explained, the ship was already under attack.

Third Session
Old Ghosts

The party left Veedo Rax under guard while they entered the ruins of Thanagar’s jedi enclave. The recent raids by Veedo’s gang prompted the enclave’s guardian to trigger the structures defense systems which necessitated the activation of the main generator. It’s sudden re-emergence on the power grid seemed to confirm what most of the local populace already believed: that the site was haunted. The heat and sound produced by the generator drew the attention of a gundark who decided to nest within the enclave. While exploring, the party ran into a group of reprogrammed jedi training droids who attacked them and cut down one of their allies. Soon after, they encountered the enclave’s guardian: a shimmering ghost who appeared to be the spirit of the dead jedi knight, Han-Das-Ro. In reality, it was a damaged and deranged droid whose holoshrouded visage was that of the the dead jedi warrior. Believing himself to be the real Han-Das-Ro, he made it his duty to protect the enclave by attacking all trespassers. After defeating the guardian, the group discovered a damaged holocron left behind by the enclave’s founder, the ithorian jedi master Idu Nubon. Through a partial recording they learned what caused the ancient the jedi starship to crash: an attack by a sith battlecruiser. Powering down the generators and driving off the gundark, the party departed.

Second Session
Blood and Sand

Led by their nomadic guide, the party was able to sneak into Veedo’s base undetected and get the drop on most of his crew. However, their activities drew the attention of the sarlaac that made it’s home in the bowels of the ship. Fighting it off, they soon discovered Veedo’s recent occupation of the ship was overloading the remaining operational systems and causing a reactor leak. Cutting the power to several systems, namely the self-defense routines, they were able to return the ship to normal operating protocols. Along the way they, they saved a mechanic dying of radiation poisoning and convinced one of the other gang members to join their cause. Approaching Veedo’s personal quarters, they were attacked by a bounty hunter hoping to collect the reward for himself. However, he was quickly dispatched by [Dave’s Character]. The party then proceeded to defeat and capture Veedo Rax.

First Session
Heroes for Hire

The party responded to a cry for help on the outer rim planet Thanagar. A bounty had been placed on Veedo Rax, a rodian swoop racer, whose gang was terrorizing the locals. Led by local guide and former seperatist gunrunner, Valin Mors, they pursued members of Veedo’s gang into the desert after fighting off a raiding party. A sandstorm caused them to take cover in a cave nearby where they were attacked by a corellian sandpanther. After killing the beast, they heard tales from their guide about the history of the old jedi enclave nearby and how Veedo’s gang had attempted to plunder it for ancient jedi artifacts to pay off the rodian’s dept to a hutt crime lord. The next morning, they discovered a band of nomads attempting to steal parts from their speeders. Confronting the tribe, they convinced the chief to lead them to the swoop gang’s base which turned out to be an old capital ship that had crashed on the planet long ago.


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